Joe Rush Stories from the Wasteland

An exhibition of new work by Joe Rush” 1976. One day I was a school boy. Next day, I was a punk. My friend Dougie turned up at school with a safety pin to his ear and one to his nose, chained together. “I am a punk” he explained.

And we went to the Vortex. The crowd, the music, the creativity, the attitude, the danger… I met my world. I was a punk, an anarchist, part of a loud, sarcastic, nihilistic avant-garde battered by everyone: bikers, rugby supporters, teddy boys, the police, the establishment…”

Joe rush is a 57-year-old London artist best known for work with his underground sculpture and party outfit the Mutoid Waste Company and by directing art at Glastonbury festival, working with the Rolling Stones and in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood.

In Stories from the Wasteland at Bruton Art Factory, Joe Rush is taking a break from his giant mechanical Mutoid sculptures and working on some smaller characters made from the scrap pile, these characters he finds amongst discarded tools and mechanical objects, and with his unique style and humour he assembles them and then casts them in bronze ..Each piece is supported by charcoal drawings and show aspects of the world of these characters and tell the stories of their life’s in the Wasteland.

“The whole world should look like this ” Johnny Depp